About us


Suiren Dsign Lab is based in Tokyo.
It creates works using Suiren's filter,
utilizing unique aspects of each product.
It produces works to reflect demand of
the client and needs of the present age..


The types of works we produces are
fashion, beauty, Yukata, and costumes.
We works on production planning,
designing, photo shooting, visual
creation, and web designing.


The members are highly professionalized
in designing, art-directing, hair
makeups, writing, web-designing,
and marketing consultation.

Beaulin R

In 2018, we will launch a new cosmetics
brand, collaborating with a fashion
model, Risa Hirako. Risa Hirako
constantly ranks within top 10 of
talents with beautiful skin. The products
are produced based on basic skin care
which she personally developed for
her own use.